Full Function Heavy Duty Six-sided Drilling Machine,SH-612DZ

Full Function Heavy Duty Six-sided Drilling Machine,SH-612DZ

Model No.︰SH-612DZ

Brand Name︰SHOOT

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Full Function Heavy Duty Six-sided Drilling Machine
Product Introduction
This machine has perfect integration with multiple design and order splitting software for scanning and processing. The developed system interface design enables better integration with order splitting software and flexible production. Manually editing hole positions in the office allows for scanning and processing without the need for order splitting software. Years of meticulous construction have achieved stable, reliable, and efficient drilling, slotting, and milling processing. Double drilling package (equipped with 2 sets of drilling boxes for the upper processing unit and 1 set of drilling boxes for the lower processing unit.) Each drilling box and each drilling shaft can operate independently and is equipped with an automatic tool change 6-tool library.
Solution process
Mainly used for six faces (hinge hole, through hole, half through hole), horizontal pulling groove, side light line, grooved irregular parts, etc. of various artificial boards
Suitable for industry
Customized cabinets, wardrobes, wine racks, tatami, shoe cabinets, Bogu shelves, bookshelves, computer tables, partitions, bedside cabinets, blister door panels, spray painted door panels, molded door panels, flat reliefs, screens, hollow partitions, handicrafts, etc.
Applicable materials
Particle board, fiberboard, multilayer board, ecological board, oak board, finger board, wheat straw board, solid wood board, PVC board, aluminum honeycomb board, etc.
Model SH-612DZ
Fastest X-axis positioning speed 130mm/min
Fastest Y-axis positioning speed 80mm/min
Fastest Z-axis positioning speed 30mm/min
Fastest U-axis positioning speed 130mm/min
Fastest V-axis positioning speed 80mm/min
Fastest W-axis positioning speed 30mm/min
Fastest A-axis positioning speed 30mm/min
Fastest Y2-axis positioning speed 80mm/min
Fastest Z2-axis positioning speed 30mm/min
Number of vertical drill shafts on top 24
Number of lower weight straight drilling shafts 9
Number of upper horizontal drill shafts 16
Drill group power&speed 2.2kw/3400rpm
Upper/lower spindle speed 24000/18000x2
Minimum width of sheet (X+/- horizontal) 45mm
Maximum width of the board (horizontal) 1200mm
Minimum length of sheet (X+/horizontal) 400mm
Maximum length of sheet (horizontal) 3300mm
Maximum thickness of sheet metal (horizontal) 40mm
Y horizontal minimum value * 2 210mm
X horizontal minimum value * 2 225mm
Y vertical minimum value * 2 64mm
Pressure 0.7-0.8mpa
Total power 34kw
Overall dimensions 6240x2930x2350mm

Export Markets︰ Europe,Middle-east,South-America,America,Asia,Africa

Payment Details︰ T/T,L/C at sight, Western Union

Ship Date︰ 20 days

Standard Met︰ CE

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