Video for Auto Woodworking Door Production Line 

1.  Auto combine woodworking production line
Feature cut off saw machine
2.feeder conveyor
3.flat move feeder
4.turner machine
5.feeder conveyor
6.four-side planer machine
Look Machine Video,click the Youtube website: 



















2.  Automatic Conveyor System For Four Edge Banders Machine






It mainly suitable for big panels conveying such as wooden door and cabinet, work with edge banding machine and sanding machine which can finish the four-side processing of plate at one time, perfect supporting the link of furniture manufacture, efficiently meet the needs  of production.



Working height 900+/-30mm
Workpiece length 300-2440mm
Workpiece width 300-1220mm
Workpiece thickness 10-60mm
Max. load 60kg
Speed 18-25m/min
1. The main beam is made of high-strength aviation aluminum, which conforms to the international standard ICE 61131
2. The roller adopts German high strength and 3mm rubber sleeve technology
3. German brand schneider Schider is used for electrical accessories
4. Detla PLC control system of Taiwan delta
5. Italian Oliver translation belt, high wear resistance
6. Industry first synchronous belt structure transmission, no noise, smooth transmission
7. Italian Libo elastic belt transmission, smooth and low noise
8. Customizable size