Four Sides Woodworking Moulder Machine, MB-4012F,MB-4016F

Four Sides Woodworking Moulder Machine, MB-4012F,MB-4016F

Model No.︰MB-4012F

Brand Name︰SHOOT

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

4 Sides Woodworking Moulder Machine 
Model MB-4012F
Processing width 20--120mm
Processing thickness 8--100mm
Feeding speed 5--20m/min
Feeding power 1.5kw
Knife speed 6000r/min
Lower horizontal shaft power 2.2--3kw
Upper horizontal shaft power 4kw
Right side vertical knife arbor power 2.2kw
Cross beam lifting and lowering power 0.37kw
Total power 13.27kw
Max. turning circle 115mm
Total weight 1160kgs / 1300kgs
Packing Size 2340 x 1210 x 1600mm


Model MB-4016F
Processing width 18--160mm
Processing thickness 8--100mm
Feeding speed 5--20m/min
Feeding power 2.2kw
Knife speed 6000r/min
First bottom power 3kw
Left cutter power 3kw
Right cutter power 2.2kw
Rirst top power 5.5kw
Beam lifting power 0.37kw
Total power consumption 16.27kw
Max. turning circle 115mm

Specifications︰ Feature
The body is with heavy-duty steel and with special heat treatment process, better stability.
Stable high speed feeding system, 20 m / min. and with speed adjustment 5-20m, greaty improves the production efficiency.
All the spindle are with seperater motors, makes the cutting strong.
The work table is with special treatment process, better durability and no deformation.
Feeding wheel, using cylinder compression type, can be individually adjusted to its pressure, which makes feeding more smoothly.
High speed spindle equipped with SKF high-speed bearings, more smooth cutting.
Spindle adjustment is concentrated in the front of the machine, more humane strcture.
The work table is with active feeders, feeding more smoothly.
All the parts are made with fine processing of high-precision CNC Center, and this ensures stable and efficient operation.
The strict and elaborate assembly process to ensure each equipment requirement gets to its standard indicator.

Export Markets︰ Asia,Europe,African,middle-east

Payment Details︰ T/T,L/C at sight

Ship Date︰ 10days

Standard Met︰ CE

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