Woodworking Multiple Rip Saw Machine with up & down saw blade,SHMJ230

Woodworking Multiple Rip Saw Machine with up & down saw blade,SHMJ230

Model No.︰SHMJ230

Brand Name︰SHOOT

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Wood Multi Rip Saw Machine with Up & Down saw blade
Professional solution, large quantities of wood, material specifications and other wood materials multi-chip SAWN
Up and down saw shaft independent electric lift, operation, quick, simple and convenient.
Six groups of the upper and lower feed rollers take the initiative to ensure that feed feeding smoothly.
Up and down saws are responsible for 50% machining, high efficiency, energy saving and material saving.
Saw uranium setting water, jet cooling system, lifting the blade utilization.
Model SHMJ230 SHMJ226A
Maximum processing width 300mm 250mm
Maximum processing thickness 180mm 180mm
Feeding speed 5-20m/min 5-20m
Spindle diameter \ \
Saw shaft diameter 70mm 70mm
Spindle speed \ \
Saw shaft speed 4000r/min 4000r/min
Air pressure 0.4MPa 0.4MPa
The first lower shaft 30KW/40HP 22KW/30HP
The first upper shaft 30KW/40HP 22KW/30HP
Feeding motor 4KW/5.5HP 4KW/5.5HP
Feeding lift motor 0.75KW/1HP 0.75KW/1HP
Saw shaft lifting motor 0.35KW/0.5HP*2 0.35KW/0.5HP*2
Saw spindle motor \ \
Total motor power 65.12KW/86HP 49.12KW/65HP
The first lower shaft \ \
The second upper shaft \ \
Upper saw shaft 185-305mm 185-305mm
Lower saw shaft 185-305mm 185-305mm
Feeding wheel diameter 140mm 140mm
Dust absorption tube diameter 150mm 150mm
Overal dimensions 2900x1410x1650mm 2900x1410x1650mm
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Specifications︰ *Maximum working width 300mm
*Max Thickness 180mm

Export Markets︰ Europe,American,Middle-east,Africa

Payment Details︰ T/T,L/C at sight, Western Union

Ship Date︰ 20days

Standard Met︰ CE

Product Image

1. Video of SHMJ230 Multi Rip Saw with up & down saw blade

2. Video of SHMJ226A Multi Rip Saw with up & down saw blade