Heavy duty Woodworking Four-side Planer and Rip Sawing Machine, SHMJ620DA

Heavy duty Woodworking Four-side Planer and Rip Sawing Machine, SHMJ620DA

Model No.︰SHMJ620DA

Brand Name︰SHOOT

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Heavy duty Woodworking Four-side Planer and Sawing Machine


Finished Wood Products by machine:






Professional solution: large quantities of wooden panels, sauna board, bed, sofa bottom seat board wood board material specifications.
Four side planer saw machine structure is reasonable, the operation is simple and convenient.
Saw shaft frequency independent operation, transportation, according to wood hardness choose reasonable transmission speed.
Hard chromium plating on the working table, smooth and wear resistance
Four groups of active vertical out of the roller wheel, to ensure that the feeding material is smooth.
Saw blade adopts automatic jet cooling device with automatic jet, and the usage rate of saw blade is promoted.
High efficiency, energy saving, material saving, one machine with multiple purposes.
Working Width 20-200mm 20-200mm 20-160mm
Working Thickness 10-120mm 10-120mm 10-120mm
Min. Working Length (intermittent/continuous) 650/480 650/480 650/480
Saw Shaft Diameter 40 40 40
Saw Shaft Speed 4500r/min 4500r/min 4500r/min
Planer Shaft Diameter 40 40 40
Planer Shaft Speed 6000r/min 6000r/min 6000r/min
Feeding speed 5-28m/min 5-28m/min 5-28m/min
First Under The Knife 125 125 125
Right and Left Vertical Knife 110-180 110-180 110-180
The Knife 110-180 110-180 110-180
Left and Right Blade Diameter 180-250 180-250 180-250
Frist Under The Knife 5.5kw/7.5HP 5.5kw/7.5HP 4kw/5.5HP
Left and Right Vertical Knife, The Knife 2x5.5kw/7.5HP 2x5.5kw/7.5HP 2x4kw/5.5HP
Left and Right Saw Spindle Motor 2x15kw/20HP 2x15kw/20HP 2x15kw/20HP
Second Under Shaft Motor \ \ \
Feeding Motor 4kw/5.5HP 4kw/5.5HP 3kw/4HP
Rear Auxiliary Feeding Motor 2x0.37kw/1HP 2x0.37kw/1HP 2x0.37kw/1HP
Beam Lifting Motor 0.75kw/1HP 0.75kw/1HP 0.75kw/1HP
Total Motor Power 51.49kw 51.49kw 36.99kw
Air Pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa 0.3-0.6Mpa 0.3-0.6Mpa
Suction Inlet Diameter 2x150+4x120 2x150+4x120 2x150+4x120
Dimensions 4300x1550x1720mm 4300x1550x1720mm 4000x1550x1720mm
Weight 3500kg 3000kg 2600kg
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Export Markets︰ Europe,American,Middle-east

Payment Details︰ T/T,L/C at sight, Western Union

Ship Date︰ 20days

Standard Met︰ CE

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