5 Gallons PUR Disk Hot Melt Non-stop Glue Machine for wrapping machine,SHPUR-5Z

5 Gallons PUR Disk Hot Melt Non-stop Glue Machine for wrapping machine,SHPUR-5Z

Model No.︰ SHPUR-5Z

Brand Name︰SHOOT

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 10000 / pic

Minimum Order︰1 pic

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Product Description

5 Gallons PUR Disk Hot Melt Non-stop Glue Machine
1. Gradual heating and melting
The heating plate is located above the glue. When the heating plate is heated, only the upper layer of the glue barrel contacts the heating plate, and melts when it reaches the melting point. The lower part of the glue barrel does not melt at this time, and melts as much as we need in production
2. Glue and air isolation during hot melting
There is O-ring between the ring of the heating plate and the inner ring of the rubber barrel, so that the molten liquid colloid does not contact with the air, which solves the problem that the adhesive such as pur cannot contact with the air when melting
3. Apply Teflon protective layer
Apply Teflon coating on the outer surface of heating plate to prevent carbonization, ensure the best resin and reduce blockage
4. Stepless adjustment of rubber output
Precision gear pump operation control motor adopts stepless frequency converter for speed regulation, which can accurately control the output
5. Humanization of main motor operation
When the temperature of the heating plate does not reach the temperature of the temperature controller, the main motor cannot operate, which solves the problem of misoperation of the operator
6. Heating plate bottom signal indication
A travel switch is arranged under the main air tank. When the heating plate reaches the bottom of the barrel, the travel switch has a signal and makes the signal light yellow.
7.This machine is controlled by color touch screen, programmable controller and frequency converter. It has the advantages of convenient operation, complete functions and high control accuracy. It is used for the hot melting and spraying of 5-gallon pur barrel adhesive. It is suitable for the vast majority of adhesive production process occasions. It is widely used in the product assembly of printing, packaging, automobile, clothing and footwear, electronics, furniture and other industries.
8.The machine adopts imported parts assembly, 485 bus control mode, touch screen operation, full Chinese interface, timing switch function, energy saving standby function. The hot melt temperature and feeding speed are adjustable, with perfect alarm function and dual temperature protection function, providing programmable 2-point input and 2-point output connection signal. The surface of pressure plate is treated with multi-layer Teflon. The sealing ring of glue plate is made of American DuPont perfluoro rubber. The highest temperature resistance is 300 ℃, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It can effectively prevent any substance from sticking and easy to clean.
9.Four universal wheels are installed under the fuselage, which is convenient for mobile use
Application scope: woodworking covering and laminating, textile fabric composite, pet transparent box, automobile interior parts, lamp, book binding, home appliance assembly and other industries.
Model SH-PUR5Z
System type Variable speed AC motor gear pump
Barrel diameter ¢280mm(286mm)
Maximum glue supply 20kg/H
Output pipeline 1 way (or 2 ways)
Maximum working pressure 8.5Mpa
Operating temperature range 40-200℃
Ambient temperature range 0-50℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Temperature sensor Pt100
Power supply 380V3P+N
Maximum power of the system 7kW
Service air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
Weight about 250 kg
Connection signal 2 input,2 output
Installation size 1170mmx650mmx1150(2000)mm
Protection level IP54


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