Aluminum Doors And Windows Heavy Single-head Copy Milling Machine, SHXF400*100

Aluminum Doors And Windows Heavy Single-head Copy Milling Machine, SHXF400*100

Model No.︰SHXF400*100

Brand Name︰SHOOT

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1358 / pic

Minimum Order︰1 pic

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Product Description

Aluminum Doors And Windows Heavy Single-head Copy Milling Machine
Model SHXF400*100
Machine size 4050x870x1400mm
N.W. 350kg
Copying the scope 290x90x100mm
The horizontal direction 290x85x85mm
Milling cutter diameter φ 5、φ 8
Profile contact diameter Φ 5、Φ 8
Motor speed 2840r/min
Input power 0.75Kw 
Work pressure 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa
Gas consumption 30L/min
Working voltage 380V 50Hz
The straightness of the machining surface ± 0.1 mm
Cutting surface roughness Ra12.5um


Specifications︰ Main structure of equipment:
Milling head
The motor is rotated by a belt to drive the milling head, and can be processed continuously after assembling the parts.
Two - stage copying contact rod.
Two levels of copying milling contact rod milling cutter diameter and the diameter of the same (contact pole based on cutter diameter adjustment), so according to 1:1 relationship between contour milling, ensure the parts of milling in accordance with the shape of the contour plate hole
Clamping device
There are two compression cylinders, which are used to clamp the parts to ensure stable and reliable work.
Spray system (for aluminum profile processing)
In order to improve the roughness of parts and prolong tool life, a spray cooling device is provided. In order to ensure that the milling process is always in the state of spray cooling, the spray device and pedal switch chain.
Positioning structure
The length of the positioning screw can be adjusted to ensure the depth of cutting.
Contour plate
Before processing, the corresponding copy plate should be made according to the shape of the parts. On the square rack of the machine tool, the copy board is positioned on the left side and bottom side, fixed with screws and easy to replace.
If the profile board is not used, the transverse can be limited by adjusting the brake nut, and the positioning ruler on both sides of the square can be adjusted.
If the above two methods are used simultaneously, the product quality will be more stable and reliable.
Purpose and features
SHXF400*100 aluminum, plastic doors and Windows single spindle copy milling machine for processing aluminum, plastic profile doors and Windows of various types of holes, tenon groove, water mouth, and so on, the local structure compact, small volume, the profile clamping adopts pneumatic transmission. It is easy to adjust and replace with a large scale and high efficiency. It can achieve continuous processing and simple and safe operation.
The machine is used for the contour machining of various types of holes, mortise grooves and flume of aluminum doors and Windows.
A copy template and auxiliary location are adopted.
Use pedal switch to control pressure cylinder, safe and reliable.
Compact and small in size.

Export Markets︰ Europe,American,Middle-east

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Ship Date︰ 15days after receiving deposit

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