Heavy Duty Woodworking Auto Thicknesser Machine, SHM830B

Heavy Duty Woodworking Auto Thicknesser Machine, SHM830B

Model No.︰SHM830B

Brand Name︰SHOOT

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Woodworking Auto Thicknesser Machine


Sealed lifting guide screw, with                               CNC control up & down of worktable, high efficiency and

 strong power and high accuracy.                         accuracy. Feeding speed with frequency converter,

                                                                             suitable for different material.


                                                 The Latest design of the plate-type mechanical structure,

                                                 each group of independent installation.

1. SHM830B/SHM630B/SHM530B: Spiral Cutter Spindle
2. SHM630A/SHM530A : Normal Straight Blade
3.CNC control up and down of worktable,high efficiency and accuracy.
4.Feeding Speed with frequency converter,suit for wood of difference hardness
Model SHM830B SHM630B     SHM630A SHM530B      SHM530A
Max. Width 830mm 630mm 530mm
Max. Thickness 3-300mm 3-300mm 3-300mm
Minimum Thickness 8mm SHM630B: 8mm  SHM630A: 3mm SHM530B: 8mm SHM530A:3mm
Minimum processing length 280mm 280mm 280mm
Knife shaft speed(PCS) 4800rpm 4800rpm 4800rpm
Knife shaft diameter 118mm 118mm 118mm
Arbor size 118x830mm 118x630mm 118x530mm
Feeding speed 0-16m/min 0-16m/min 0-16m/min
Main motor power 11kw 7.5kw 5.5kw
Dimensions 1210x1160x1270mm 1210x1160x1270mm 1110x1160x1270mm
Weight 860kg 860kg 800kg
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Export Markets︰ Asia,Europe,African,middle-east

Payment Details︰ T/T,L/C at sight,Western Union

Ship Date︰ 20days

Standard Met︰ CE

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